Electronic cigarettes leading cause of burn cases in a Seattle hospital

A new study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that 15 of the burn cases at the University of Washington Medicine Regional Burn Center in Seattle occurred as a result of electronic cigarettes or vaporizers. These alternatives to cigarettes use a lithium-ion battery to heat liquid that is then inhaled in aerosol form.

80% of the injured patients suffered flame burns while 33% of them had chemical burns from the alkali elements in the exploding batteries.

Some victims reported becomng disfigured or losing some functionality in their limbs, teeth, and portions of their soft tissue, which includes skin, ligaments, fat, and tendons.

The United States Food and Drug Administration categorizes e-cigarettes and other vaping paraphernalia as tobacco products. However, the agency gave no indication that they would regulate these products anytime soon.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphones no longer allowed on American flights

Passengers and flight crew members will not be allowed to bring their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on airline flights within, from, or to the United States under an emergency order announced on Friday, October 14. The Department of Transportation made the order in response to reports of said devices spontaneously combusting and catching fire.

The order, which took effect on October 15, disallows passengers from carrying their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on board or in checked bags. An initial announcement had passengers thinking they would be subjected to fines if they tried to smuggle their smartphones inside their carry-on luggage. However, the DoT clarified that these passengers will simply be barred from entering airplanes.

Samsung already issued a recall for 2.5 million units of said smartphones due to a battery manufacturing error. An incident of this battery issue includes the Jeep of a family in St. Petersburg, Florida catching fire because of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 left charging in the vehicle.

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Kentucky to seek out defective guardrails

Kentucky’s top transportation officials say that they plan to manually identify the defective ET-Plus guardrails used in their highway systems, WDRB reported November 6.

Kentucky Department of Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock stated that an inventory of the guardrails should be conducted, but the replacement of the part in question will depend on a new series of safety testing that will be conducted by the manufacturer, Trinity Industries, shortly. A change in the guardrail design has been blamed for a series of deadly malfunctions in the safety equipment. Since Trinity failed to notify authorities of the redesign, officials have to manually check the components of each individual rail head to determine if it is defective.

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Compensation for victims of GM ignition switch defects will not be capped

Kenneth Feinberg, compensation expert for General Motors (GM), stated that the company will not provide a limit as to what each victim can receive in terms of monetary settlement.

Overall, Feinberg said at a press conference in Washington D.C. that the settlement amount could go as high as several billions of dollars but that “there is no ceiling”, especially since  the number of claims is not yet fully tallied.

Feinberg made this announcement on the same day that GM issued a recall on the ignition switches of 8.2 million more vehicles, thus adding to its ever-growing list.

Additionally, the delays of this seemingly never ending list of recalls has reportedly stemmed from a highly dysfunctional corporate culture and employee misconduct. GM, however, is finally taking responsibility for what has been happening to victims of such defects.

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Defective airbags prompt massive recall by Honda, Mazda & Nissan

Three major Japanese car manufacturers–Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Mazda Motor Corp., and Nissan Motor Corp.–have issued a recall to millions of their vehicles around the world due to concerns that the airbags are defective and prone to explosions, the Associated Press reported on June 23.

The defect airbags were designed by the Japanese firm Takata. Honda called back 2.03 million vehicles, which includes 1.02 million vehicles in North America and almost 669,000 automobiles in Japan. This recall is the second one relating to the same defective airbag problem; last  year, Honda recalled 1 million vehicles. Toyota reported a fire in relation to the airbags, but recent injury reports were unclear.

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