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4 Ways to Prevent Misdiagnosis

Wilson & McQueen March 23, 2023

Misdiagnosis is a common problem in the Lexington medical community that can lead to devastating results. It may cause patients to misunderstand their conditions and this, as a result, can make an ailment worse. Although nothing can excuse the negligence or carelessness of a medical professional who misdiagnosis you, there are some small ways you can try to prevent misdiagnosis as a patient. The medical malpractice attorneys of Wilson & McQueen, PLLC, know too well how harmful misdiagnosis can be and want Lexington patients to feel as informed as possible.

4 Misdiagnosis Prevention Strategies

1. Ask questions, even ones you think are unimportant. Oftentimes it’s the small, “unimportant” questions that help your doctor understand your ailment.
2. Tell a “10-second” story. Make sure your doctor doesn’t interrupt your description of symptoms and complaints – a diagnosis made too quickly can lead to mistakes.
3. Always get a second opinion. A second diagnosis of the same ailment can make you feel more secure about your medical issues, while an alternate diagnosis can help you understand that your medical condition is not resolved.
4. “Partner” with your doctor. Be actively involved in your health: share family history of illness, understand your tests, ask questions, and have your doctor explain his or her thought process.

Even all of these strategies may still not prevent you from suffering from a misdiagnosis. If you have experienced this in Lexington, a medical malpractice attorney can help you fight for the compensation you need to recover in peace.

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