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Traumatic Brain Injuries Attorneys in Lexington, Kentucky

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur when someone has experienced a forceful blow to the head. Brain injuries can be caused by numerous events such as car accidents, physical altercations, and medical mistakes. In some cases, extreme force to the head can cause external issues, such as skull fracturing. Other brain injuries can be accompanied by pervasive internal issues, such as brain swelling or bleeding.

The Lexington attorneys of Wilson & McQueen PLLC understand all too well that traumatic brain injuries are often caused by the recklessness of others, which is why we use our resources to help victims pursue justice. If you or someone you know has sustained serious brain damage due to the negligence of someone else, the responsible party could be held legally accountable.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Though TBIs can take many forms, almost all of them significantly compromise the quality of the victim’s life. In addition to impairing motor function, brain injuries can impact mental and emotional health.

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Other common effects of TBIs can include:

  • Concussions

  • Brain damage

  • Memory loss

  • Seizures

  • Contusions

  • Hematomas

These effects are reported to frequently occur in TBI victims and can dramatically alter a person’s life, rendering the victim unable to return to school or work. Fortunately, victims do not have to face the obstacles of their injury alone.

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If another person’s actions have directly or indirectly led to the occurrence of a TBI, the victim may have legal grounds to fight back. If you have been injured in Lexington, the lawyers of Wilson & McQueen PLLC are ready to help evaluate your legal options. Our skill and experience have worked to the advantage of many of our clients. To discuss your specific case with a member of our team, call.