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Product Liability Attorneys in Lexington, Kentucky

Product manufacturers are expected to ensure that the goods they produce for public consumption meet basic standards of safety. Unfortunately, it is all too common for consumer products to be inadequately tested before being put on the market. As a result, consumers may suffer serious injuries or even death after using dangerous or defective products. Individuals who suffer injuries or who lose a loved one because of a dangerous product are often entitled to take legal action in the form of a product liability claim.

Product liability claims can be filed for injuries ranging from minor to life-altering, but regardless of the severity, the manufacturers of dangerous products need to be held accountable when their products cause unsuspecting consumers to suffer. If you have been injured because of a dangerous or defective product in Lexington or central and southern Kentucky, the attorneys at Wilson & McQueen PLLC know how much you may be struggling to deal with the consequences, and we work tirelessly on behalf of individuals in this difficult situation.

Our Product Liability Practice Areas

Product liability claims can arise as a result of a wide range of different issues. At Wilson & McQueen PLLC, we have substantial experience helping clients in these types of cases, particularly for claims involving:

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  • Dangerous drugs

  • Toxic food products and containers

  • Dangerous childcare products and toys

  • Defective vehicles

  • Manufacturing defects

  • Design defects

  • Marketing defects

Consumers should not have to suffer because of the negligence of a product designer or manufacturer. When injuries do occur because of defective products, we believe that those responsible for the oversight or defect should be held accountable.

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If you have been injured as the result of a dangerous or defective product, we can provide you with aggressive legal representation in order to pursue justice. Contact the lawyers of Wilson & McQueen PLLC today. You can speak with a member of our dedicated legal staff about the details of your situation and begin developing a legal strategy for your case.