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Why Box Truck Accidents Are Different

Unfortunately, truck accidents and collisions in Kentucky and across the United States are very common. In nearly all cases, the person who is injured in an accident is NOT the driver of the truck. Because of the size and weight of these trucks, they can do considerable damage to other cars and the people in those cars.

At Wilson & McQueen PLLC, we are attorneys whose main focus is injury law. We understand what the law says but also the nuances involved in pursuing a lawsuit against the driver, owner or driver’s employer. We offer a free consultation for injured people. Call us today.

As a firm that also handles third-party and workers’ compensation claims, we can advise you on your options and rights if the accident happened while you were in a company vehicle or on the job.

What Are Box Trucks?

Box trucks are typically delivery trucks or vans that have a roll-up rear door. They are used by online product providers, food and beverage suppliers, furniture delivery people, and movers. They have different classes and can range in size from 12,500 to 33,000 pounds. Since the drivers of these trucks do not usually need a commercial license, they often do not have any special training or testing required. This is one thing that differentiates box truck accidents from commercial or semi-truck accidents. The drivers are often less skilled and have less experience and less knowledge as to special road rules for truck operators.

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What Causes Box Truck Accidents?

Accidents are most often caused by operator error. The driver of the box truck may not leave enough room to stop effectively, may take a corner too sharp or too wide, or may shift lanes when it is not safe. Many drivers are inexperienced and under pressure to meet delivery deadlines. The driver, manager, and company owner are all obligated to ensure safety while on the road. To not do so is both a moral and legal violation.

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