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In Kentucky, the workers’ compensation system provides important benefits to workers who are injured on the job. Workers who are injured in a work-related vehicle accident may be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other costs associated with the accident.

However, workers’ compensation benefits do not cover all of the unforeseen costs of a vehicle accident. Since vehicle accidents often involve more than one motorist, it may be possible to bring a personal injury claim against another party or their insurance company to recover additional compensation.

The intersection of workers’ compensation and car accident claims is complex, and a simple misstep can have significant effects on the result – and your financial recovery. It is wise to seek out a law firm with extensive experience in both motor vehicle accident claims and the workers’ compensation system. At Wilson & McQueen PLLC, our attorneys know how to uncover every available source of compensation and develop a plan to pursue the best result for your and your loved ones.

What Makes an Accident “work-Related?”

In order to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, an accident must be work-related. Examples of work-related travel that may qualify are:

  • Making deliveries as part of your job

  • Driving for a living

  • Driving another employee for work-related reasons

  • Driving during business travel

  • Running errands for an employer

  • Driving to or from work if your employer compensates you for that time

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Injuries to Commercial Drivers

Driving professionally requires training, skill, and reliable judgment behind the wheel. Even when commercial vehicle operators do everything right, accidents may happen. Unforeseen conditions like mechanical failure, unsafe road conditions, or the actions of other drivers can quickly snowball into a serious accident.

Commercial drivers who are injured in the course of their employment may be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits. However, it is wise to discuss your case with an attorney before taking any legal action. If another party contributed to the accident, you may have a claim for more than workers’ compensation.

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