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Porch Collapse Attorneys in Lexington, Kentucky

Unstable porches and balconies are often an overlooked hazard in homes and buildings. Because it is not always apparent or noticeable when porches begin to succumb under the pressure of extreme weight or the harsh elements of nature, property owners may not realize the structure is dangerous until it is too late. All property owners have a legal duty to ensure their premises are safe for the public. Failure to maintain this duty and eradicate potential hazards can lead to substantial injury. Porch collapse is one extreme case of premises liability that can occur. If you were an invited guest at a residence or on public property at the time of a porch collapse, the negligence of the property owner was likely the reason for the structural ruin.

A porch collapse can cause several types of injuries, including spinal trauma, brain injuries, broken bones, and lacerations. Although recovering from a structural collapse can be traumatizing, the porch collapse attorneys at Wilson & McQueen PLLC can fight for your injuries by holding the appropriate party responsible for the damages. We hold the property owner accountable. A reckless construction company that used inadequate materials or cut corners in their build could be liable as well.

Causes of Porch Collapse

While we may think that structural foundations are immune to wear and tear, even the strongest building material can be susceptible to damage after years of use and exposure. This unreliability is why it’s important for property owners to regularly inspect their homes.

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Common causes of a porch collapse include:

  • Dry rot

  • Rusted or weathered fastening material

  • Broken, cracked or unstable foundational material

  • Poorly designed structures

  • Error in construction

  • Structure not being up to code

Sometimes, a balcony or porch that is over capacity may collapse under the extra weight. If a property owner takes precautions to warn guests that a porch may be unstable, they may not be responsible for later injuries. Because it can be difficult to determine who caused your injuries, the assistance of a knowledgeable porch collapse attorney is necessary to help you navigate the legal process.

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If you or someone you love sustained injuries because of a collapsed porch, the qualified porch collapse lawyers at Wilson & McQueen PLLC will fight for damages such as your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Injuries from such an extreme accident are understandably difficult to deal with, but financial strain does not need to factor into your healing process. Contact our Lexington offices for support and guidance in your case.