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Boeing 777 Crash Victims Still Seeking Justice

Wilson & McQueen June 8, 2021

Since the Asiana Airlines Inc. crash in San Francisco two years ago, 72 passengers have managed to settle their personal injury claims against the South Korean-based company. However, others are continuing in their legal battles, often without a clear path for restitution, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported on March 4.

On July 6, 2013, the Boeing 777 airplane crashed into a seawall in San Francisco, killing three people and wounding nearly 200.

A number of lawsuits regarding this accident have already been filed in the United States, but many foreigners on board are prevented by international treaties from filing a lawsuit against Asiana in the U.S. and can only pursue the case in Asia or elsewhere.

One couple continues to pursue compensation for injuries including a lacerated liver, although according to their lawyer, Asiana Airlines is resisting. Another family of Chinese nationality is attempting to hold the city of San Francisco responsible for wrongful death when an emergency vehicle ran over their wounded daughter on the tarmac.

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