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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Wilson & McQueen March 23, 2023

Although driving a car makes you susceptible to countless potential dangers, the risk of the road is increased exponentially for motorcycle riders. According to the Insurance Information Institute, motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a crash than those riding in a car. Additionally, although the number of car fatalities has decreased since 1999, the number of motorcycle fatalities has more than doubled in the same amount of time. The frightening reality of these statistics makes it imperative to be aware of the most frequent causes of motorcycle crashes so that riders are more prepared to react quickly against these hazards.

Motorcyclists face unique challenges that automobile drivers do not have to deal with. As such, the most common causes of motorcycle crashes include:

  • Infractions by other drivers

    • About two-thirds of accidents happen because a driver violated the motorcyclist’s right of way. Unlike in a car, this violation can mean life or death for motorcycle riders. Even though it can be hard to prepare against such events, a motorcyclist can take steps to ensure they are driving defensively and remain on the lookout for others’ reckless driving.

  • Roadside hazards

    • While pot holes, uneven pavement, oil slicks, rain, railroad tracks, or ice may not present much of a threat to automobile drivers, these conditions can prove fatal for a motorcyclist. Doing what is necessary to avoid these possible dangers and driving at a reasonable speed can help such hazards from becoming menacing.

  • Design or manufacture of motorcycle

    • Sometimes, a design defect is to blame for motorcycle accidents. This happens when the company or manufacturer designs the vehicle in such a way that an injury is likely to occur, or a flaw in manufacturing is made that renders the motorcycle prone to added dangers. In these cases, the product manufacturer may be held liable for the accident and a personal injury attorney can fight for compensation and damages.

  • Speed “wobble”

    • Motorcycle “wobble” is certainly a dangerous circumstance for riders. This occurs through improper wheel alignment or violent acceleration that results in the wheels and/or handlebars shaking side-to-side, deterring the ability to steer.

Although the dangers that motorcyclists face on the road are endless, knowing the most common reasons behind a motorcycle accident will only strengthen the ability to avoid these dangers in the future.

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