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Hours of Service Violations

Wilson & McQueen March 23, 2023

Trucking companies have an enormous responsibility when they put drivers on the road. Due to the massive size and weight of 18-wheelers, trucking companies must make sure that drivers are well rested and not overworked. Although there are laws in place to regulate the number of hours truck drivers can work, some employers blatantly ignore the rules and commit hours of service violations. When employers put fatigued truck drivers on the road, the resulting accidents can be devastating.

Consequences of Truck Driver Fatigue

An overly tired truck driver can commit a number of dangerous driving behaviors, including:

  • Failing to stop at stoplights and signs

  • Drifting in between lanes

  • Not using turn signals

  • Not using headlights

  • Failing to check blind spots

  • Falling asleep at the wheel

Any of these actions can lead to a serious accident, leaving innocent individuals with severe injuries, extensive medical bills, and lost wages. Individuals injured due to a negligent trucking company putting a fatigued driver on the road may be entitled to compensation. However, taking on these companies alone is nearly impossible, making the assistance of an experienced attorney necessary.

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