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Joan Rivers’ Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Settled

Wilson & McQueen May 12, 2016

The family of 81-year-old comedian Joan Rivers have officially settled the medical malpractice lawsuit they lodged against Yorkville Endoscopy in Manhattan, their attorneys announced on Thursday, May 12. Rivers died on September 4, 2014, one week after she went in for a routine endoscopy procedure at the surgical center on New York’s Upper West Side.

Yorkville Endoscopy and Joan Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers, said they decided to settle the lawsuit to avoid protracted litigation. Yorkville Endoscopy released a statement, claiming “We remain committed to providing quality, compassionate healthcare services that meet the needs of our patients, their families, and the community.” Rivers hosted the show Fashion Police on cable channel E! Entertainment Television and was known for her bluntness and trailblazing stand-up comedy acts.

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