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Man Allegedly Misdiagnosed of HIV Planning to Sue University of Kentucky Medical Center for Medical Malpractice

Wilson & McQueen June 8, 2021

Kentucky resident Bobby Russell claims he had been misdiagnosed by the University of Kentucky Medical Center as positive for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and he is planning to sue the hospital and its doctors for medical malpractice.

University of Kentucky (UK) administrative officials maintain their position that Russell had not been misdiagnosed. But Russell said that in 2004 he was told by UK doctors that he was HIV positive. He has now seen test results that say he is negative for HIV.

The judge in charge of the case is still in the process of determining if the case can proceed, and is currently examining all the evidence.

Russell’s attorney, Kevan Morgan, said that what they most hope for is to get their day in court, but if the statute of limitations bars the case from proceeding “then we’ll have to address it there but we hope the case goes forward.”

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