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Two I-75 Vehicular Accidents Interrupted Traffic

Wilson & McQueen June 8, 2021

Two accident scenes involving vehicles occurred on Interstate 75 in Lexington, Kentucky on caused a temporary stall of traffic out of the area on March 21, according to a WTVQ article.

Police officers have said that one initial accident that involved a truck rollover resulted in an abrupt slowdown of traffic, which in turn caused an additional collision less than 200 yards away from the original crash. Due to these two accidents, all of the northbound lanes on I-75 were shut down.

The official report stated that the roads were cleared within two hours and traffic was able to resume. Fortunately, only non-life-threatening wounds were incurred by the victims of the accidents; all of those involved in the incidents were wearing their seat belts.

Police authorities have yet to ascertain what circumstances caused the initial rollover accident.

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