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What Are Some Unique Dangers Motorcyclists Face?

Wilson & McQueen May 2, 2022

While you may find that operating a larger vehicle, like a truck or a car, comes with its own set of difficulties, you should also take time to learn about how motorcycles face dangers on the road.

Due to their size and handling, motorcycle crashes may happen in different circumstances than other kinds of crashes.

Slippery Roadways

According to the United States Department of Transportation, the time just after it starts to rain can decrease the amount of traction your tires get on the road. For vehicles like motorcycles that only have two tires, this means that coming to a quick stop because someone pulled out in front of you without warning can lead to an accident.

Distracted Drivers

While distraction can lead to accidents in any vehicle, the size of a motorcycle means that you are more at risk for harm. If a driver is looking down at their phone or does not check their mirrors, then even a minor bump from them can send you falling off your motorcycle.

Since truck drivers sit higher up in their vehicles, they typically cannot see in all directions at all times. Distracted people can miss motorcyclists around them who are following all the proper road rules and signaling.

Different Protective Gear and Frame

When a car with airbags and doors crashes, there is more protection between the driver and the road. Since your legs and arms at more at risk on a motorcycle, you should make plans to ride with the knowledge that you need more reaction time in order to come to a complete stop.

Knowing about these unique dangers can help you make the best decisions possible while on the road.