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What Are Ways to Handle Chronic Back Pain?

Wilson & McQueen Feb. 24, 2022

Some auto accidents cause pain that lasts no longer than a few days. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A recent car collision may have caused you to feel back pain almost constantly since the incident. You may wonder how to seek relief from your condition.

People with back injuries sometimes opt for surgery to help correct the problem. However, you might not require an operation or you may prefer alternatives to surgery. Johns Hopkins Medicine describes a few methods of treatment for chronic back pain sufferers.

Undergo Physical Therapy

Your doctor might recommend a series of physical exercises as part of a therapy plan. Working with a doctor and a specialist may help you understand the nature of your physical condition and how different treatments may improve it. Depending on your situation, aerobics, flexibility training and posture retraining might help alleviate your back pain.

Make Changes to Your Lifestyle

Your doctor may also suggest that you alter your lifestyle. Heavy lifting might not be a good idea in your condition. Even standing for a long time could aggravate your back. Be aware of how your body reacts to different movements. You might learn which moves cause you pain and which ones give you relief.

Additionally, you might consult with your doctor about your diet. Some foods and drinks may inflame your back. Your doctor might tell you about processed foods, sugar and fatty substances that could cause your back to feel worse as well as nutritious foods and supplements that may improve your condition.

Seek Mental Wellness

Continual back pain can be emotionally taxing. In addition to physical therapy, you might benefit from seeking ways to clear your mind of negative emotions. Some back pain patients go to a psychologist for help. Meditation or other relaxation techniques to ease your stress might also be options.

Remember that treatments for back pain vary according to the specific needs of the patient. Talking with your doctor might point you to your preferred method of treating your back pain as well as help you understand your future medical expenses.