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What Is PIP Insurance?

Wilson & McQueen March 23, 2023

In the great state of Kentucky, all drivers with the exception of motorcyclists are required by law to take out an insurance policy that provides personal injury protection (PIP). The mandate regarding this policy, sometimes referred to as PIP, comes from the fact that Kentucky is one of about a dozen “no-fault” states. This means that drivers have to have coverage that will protect them in the event of a collision that is not anyone’s fault; for example, a wreck that is caused by a deer who leaps out in front of your car and causes you to swerve into a tree. PIP insurance is a safety measure that enables drivers to operate their vehicles in the confidence and assurance that they will be taken care of financially in the unfortunate event of a collision.

Potential Difficulties with PIP Insurance

Essentially, PIP insurance allows the policy holder to recover financial damages from his or her own insurance agency, regardless of whether he or she was at fault for the wreck. Unfortunately, many insurance agencies can be difficult to deal with during the aftermath of a collision. In Kentucky, you are legally permitted to sue your PIP insurance provider for the following:

  • Auto-related injuries

  • Pain and suffering

If your personal injury protection insurance agency is giving you the run-around after an accident, you may have a case against them. It is always in your best interest to seek out a qualified attorney for representation after a vehicular collision as soon as possible.

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