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What Steps Do I Take After a Work Injury as A State Employee?

Wilson & McQueen Dec. 24, 2021

When suffering an injury at work, you should always know what steps to take next. If you fail to do the right thing, you could put your workers’ compensation claim at risk.

If you work for the state, you have the same rights to workers’ compensation as any other worker. explains that after seeking medical care for emergency issues, you need to make contact with your supervisor as soon as possible. This will help to begin the claims process.

Next Steps

After reporting to your supervisor, you will get a claim representative who will begin the investigation and start the process to move your claim along.

Make sure that you complete the First Report of Injury form as soon as possible. The representative cannot do anything with your case until you complete that form. You must have your supervisor’s signature on the form.

Moving Through the Process

After the representative takes your case, you will get a prescription card to use to pay for any medications. You will also need to choose an approved physician from the list your employer provides. By using the card and the approved doctor, you can avoid out-of-pocket expenses while the representative is processing your claim.

Make sure that you provide the representative with the paperwork you get from the doctor. You must turn in the Report of Medical Status when you get it from your physician.

If you need to request reimbursement for expenses, make sure you use the proper form and send it to your claim representative. For missed wages, you need to complete the Accumulated Leave form and give it to your representative.

Staying on top of paperwork and maintaining good communication with your claim representative will help the process move along more smoothly.