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Your Neck Injury, Workers’ Compensation and A Third-Party Claim

Wilson & McQueen July 27, 2021

Perhaps your job requires you to drive between construction job sites picking up and delivering plans and other documents on a daily basis.

The driver of a dump truck backs into the side of your vehicle. You receive a neck injury. Can you file a third-party claim along with workers’ compensation?

A Little Background

If you sustain a work-related injury, you are likely eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Through the coverage your employer maintains, you may receive financial compensation to cover your medical bills and any lost wages. You must notify your employer about the injury. The information to provide on your claim form will include the type of injury; the date, time and location, how the accident occurred and who else was involved.

How a Third-Party Claim Can Help

If the dump truck belonged to another company, you may be able to seek additional compensation for the neck injury you received. The coverage for medical expenses and lost wages available under workers’ compensation is only part of what you might expect. As the victim of the accident, you might qualify to receive financial compensation for pain and suffering and other losses not covered by workers’ compensation.

A Look Ahead

Following the collision, your first responsibility is to seek medical attention. When you inform your supervisor, do so in writing in order to establish an official record of the accident. Once the workers’ compensation claim is underway, consider filing a third-party civil claim against the company that owns the dump truck. Remember that you can expect to receive the maximum compensation available for your neck injury.