Kentucky two-vehicle collision kills one, injures two others

Deputies at the Graves County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky reported a two-vehicle collision that occurred at the intersection of Kentucky Route 339 North and Kentucky Route 121 North last Sunday, January 15. The accident, which occurred around 5:30 in the afternoon, resulted in the death of one individual and injured two others.

The deceased victim was identified as 52-year-old Mayfield, Wisconsin resident Kristie Wiggins. According to preliminary investigations, 60-year-old Mayfield resident Larry Wiggins was headed southbound on KY 121 North in a 2006 Buick when he collided with a 1991 Dodge pickup that was headed north on KY 339. The truck was driven by 50-year-old Patrick Wilson.

Kristie Wiggins, who was a passenger of the Buick, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident while Larry Wiggins was hospitalized for the treatment of his injuries. Wilson, on the other hand, was ejected from his vehicle and had to be taken to Vanderbilt Hospital for the treatment of his critical injuries.

Drunk driver who left the scene of several accidents arrested in Holliston

Members of the Holliston Police Department arrested 35-year-old Holliston, Massachusetts resident Christopher Pope at his 1707 Washington Street residence around 6:29 a.m., said prosecutor Daniel Storms during Pope’s arraignment on Tuesday, December 27 in Framingham District Court.

Police said witnesses saw the pickup truck, which had a plow attached, that Pope had been driving pull into his driveway on the day of his arrest. He had hit several vehicles, including a semi-truck, with that plow. Pope was charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence of liquor, leaving the scene of an accident that caused personal injury, reckless driving, driving an uninsured vehicle, and driving an unregistered vehicle.

Storms made a request to Judge Jennifer Stark to hold Pope on a $1,000 bail. Pope’s legal counsel, Kenneth Gross, on the other hand, asked for a more lenient bail, as Pope is the breadwinner of his family and a bail set at too high an amount can negatively impact their lives.

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Travelers encouraged to buckle up while travelling this Thanksgiving

With holidays fast approaching, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety is once again reminding Thanksgiving travelers to buckle up every time they travel in their respective vehicles in an effort to save lives.

According to raw data, there were 1,645 vehicular accidents during the Thanksgiving holiday in the state of Kentucky in 2015, which caused over 480 injuries and eight deaths. KOHS Executive Director Dr. Noelle Hunter, in a bid to encourage citizens to travel safely this holiday season, said, “As we reflect on gratitude during this season of Thanksgiving, we ask fellow Kentuckians to share why they are thankful for their seat belt. Personal responsibility behind the wheel is the key to saving more lives.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that proper seat belt usage lessens fatal injury risk to front-seat passengers by around 45% and the risk of passengers sustaining moderate to serious physical injuries by around 50%.

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Tips for managing your ATV on an uphill drive

Sometimes, safely navigating your all-terrain vehicle up steep slopes may be too much for your vehicle. No matter how experienced you are, some hills are too steep to climb.

A tip for someone going uphill in an ATV, especially if one is having difficulty doing so, is for the driver to keep his or her feet firmly on the vehicle’s foot rests and make sure their weight is going uphill at all times. This technique will help you avoid the possibility of the vehicle losing momentum and sliding down.

If you do start to move backwards, it is important for the driver to remember to apply the brakes and step on the parking brakes. However, the driver should remember to apply the front brakes only, because applying pressure on the back brakes can cause the vehicle to flip over.

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Fatal car crash in Frankfort

Two people lost their lives during an accident involving two cars on Wilkinson Boulevard in Frankfort, Kentucky on Friday, August 19.

The victims were identified as 21-year-old Alexandria Nicole Maness, who was driving the car, and 27-year-old Steven Christopher Snow, Maness’ passenger.

According to preliminary investigations, Maness had been driving a 1994 Toyota along Wilkinson Boulevard between the Hall and Holmes Street exits when her vehicle collided with a 2015 Jeep. There is no evidence that alcohol or speed caused the crash.

Both Maness and Snow died at the scene of the accident. Both the driver and passenger of the other vehicle were, however, brought to Frankfort Regional Medical Center to receive medical attention for their non-life-threatening injuries.

Man killed after colliding with Lexington fire truck

Twenty-three-year-old Cody Emery lost his life on Monday, May 2 after his vehicle collided with a Lexington Fire Department fire engine that was responding to an emergency call at the intersection of Nichols Park Drive and Man O’War Boulevard, located near Nicholasville Road in Lexington, Kentucky.

According to the Fayette County coroner, Emery’s car traversed the raised concrete median which separated the inner and outer loops of Man O’War Boulevard.

Lexington Fire Department Assistant Chief Harold Hoskins stated the firefighter manning Engine 15 had to be extricated by rescue teams as he had been trapped in the vehicle during the collision while suffering from minor injuries.

Hoskins said responding firefighters should also take care to be safe en route to their areas of rescue, noting, “We tell people early on that until you get to a scene, you’re not going to benefit anyone. You’re not going to have a positive impact on anything on a scene until you get there.”

Classical pianist awarded $2.5M for injuries sustained in car accident

During the first week of February, classical pianist, William Finizio of New York City, was awarded a total of $2.5 million by a Morris County jury in New Jersey for sustaining injuries in his elbow during a car accident in November 2011. This injury caused the forty-seven-year-old to become permanently unable to play the piano at the proficiency he achieved prior to the accident.

According to The Daily Record, the defendant in the case was a motorist from Rutherford, New Jersey, who struck the vehicle that Finizio was driving on Route 80 in Parsippany-Troy Hills Township, New Jersey.

Greg Allan Stone, Finizio’s legal counsel, said playing the piano was not Finizio’s main source of income but that doing so “defined him as a person”. He added that this injury from the crash also negatively impacted how Finizio played the guitar and other musical instruments.

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Kentucky State Police Tips for this Winter Season

In an effort to mitigate some of the dangers on the roads this winter season, the Kentucky State Police have released several tips for motorists that will help ensure the safety of everyone on the road. A few of their recommendation include:

  • Completely cleaning windows and mirrors so as to ensure that visibility will not be restricted inside the vehicle.
  • Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going so you can account for unexpected situations along the way, such as snow pileups, traffic due to wrecks, and icy road conditions.
  • Never speed. It’s more important to get where you’re going than it is to get there on time.
  • Do not use cruise control as this feature may force your wheels to continue spinning on slick surfaces.

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Lexington police arrests suspect in Tennessee multi-vehicle accident

The Lexington County Police Department arrested 39-year-old Benjamin Scott Brewser, a truck driver who was allegedly involved in a multi-vehicular accident that caused the death of six individuals near a construction site in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on charges of six counts of vehicular homicide.

In an interview with the Lexington Herald-Leader, Sergeant Joe Anderson said Brewser damaged a police vehicle after he was arrested by kicking it. Brewser was taken into custody with another person who the police have yet to identify publicly.

According to federal investigators, Brewer had been on the road for 15 consecutive hours before he caused the June 25, 2015 multi-vehicle crash along Interstate 75, resulting in the deaths of six people and the injuries of at least six others.

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Kentucky family killed in Route 80 car accident

A multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 80 on Saturday, July 11, just before 1:40 a.m., resulted in the deaths of 21-year-old Briana Mae Anderson, her 24-year-old fiancé Edward Russell Hitt, and their daughter, all of whom were residents of Jeffersontown, Kentucky, according to an article published on


The accident happened while the family was returning to Kentucky after visiting New York. According to reports, the vehicle the three were traveling in, a Kia, was struck from behind by a Cadillac Escalade. The force of this crash sent the Kia into the Jeep that was in front of it.

The driver of the Escalade is now facing a variety of charges, including three counts of death by auto, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while intoxicated, and two counts of assault by auto.