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Lexington Lack Of Informed Consent Attorneys

Many medical procedures in Lexington and elsewhere, often those that may result in more serious consequences, require consent forms. These consent forms inform the patient or the patient’s family of the potential risks a certain procedure may pose. In normal cases, a patient or patient’s family will decide whether or not to undergo the procedure, and the consent form provides the documentation to support this decision.

When medical practitioners fail to get consent, a patient may suffer from side effects or a worsened medical condition from a procedure or treatment when the individual was unaware these were even possible consequences. The Lexington attorneys of Wilson & McQueen, PLLC believe that lack of informed consent is a form of medical malpractice, and can help you evaluate your options if this right has been denied to you.

Dangers Of Lack Of Informed Consent

Consent forms are meant to disclose the potential risks of a medical procedure to Lexington patients and families, so without informed consent, patients are unaware of dangers that may occur, such as:

  • A sudden physical reaction to the procedure
  • Complications arising from anesthesia/medications
  • Not knowing about prior conditions
  • Mental or physical trauma

When informed consent is not given, these dangerous reactions could occur without a patient or the patient’s family being aware of the risks. When Lexington patients suffer from a lack of informed consent, an attorney can help you hold the negligent party responsible.

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If you or someone you love has undergone a medical procedure, but there was a lack of informed consent, you could be entitled to financial compensation. Contact the Lexington lack of informed consent attorneys of Wilson & McQueen, PLLC today by calling our offices at 859-788-7600, and learn more about your legal options.