After An Injury Or Disability,
Experience Matters

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Lexington Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyers

Protecting the spinal cord is important because it is an essential in regulating movement and various sensory functions. Since the spine connects to the brain, any injury to the spinal cord has the potential to cause permanent physical damage.

Unfortunately, many people sustain spinal cord injuries because of someone else’s negligence. This type of injury is often caused by car accidents, construction accidents, or surgical errors. The Lexington spinal cord injuries attorneys at Wilson & McQueen, PLLC understand that many people have been forced to cope with serious spinal cord damage, and we have the legal skill to help injury victims pursue compensation when someone else is at fault.

Two Common of Spinal Cord Injuries

Typically, the ways in which a person might sustain a spinal cord injury are widely varied, but often involve paralysis. The attorneys at Wilson & McQueen, PLLC, are ready to help spinal cord injury victims that suffer from:

  • Partial Paralysis (Paraplegia)
  • Total Paralysis (Quadriplegia)

Living with paralysis is an incredible challenge, and many victims find that they must depend on the help of others. Relying on the help of a caretaker can become both expensive and disruptive. Lexington injury victims should know that they do not have to face their injuries alone.

Contact a Spinal Cord Injuries Attorney in Lexington

If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury because of another person’s actions, you may be eligible to take legal action. The attorneys of Wilson & McQueen, PLLC, are available to guide injury victims through the process of pursuing financial compensation. Speak with one of our skilled attorneys today by calling 859-788-7600.