Panel finds fault with Takata quality assurance processes

A panel that was recently tasked with evaluating Japanese automotive parts company Takata and headed by former United States Department of Transportation Secretary Samuel Knox Skinner has found fault with the auto parts company for a number of quality assurance problems and failures. According to the panel’s report, Takata products are not properly regulated or inspected before they are shipped out to be used in vehicles. The panel has recommended a number of changes that may help improve the quality and safety of Takata products.

Vehicles in the United States that contain Takata products have seen a serious rise in recalls since news of the defective airbags first broke. So far, 24 million cars and trucks have been recalled in the U.S. and nearly 50 million have been recalled worldwide. These recalled vehicles include models from fourteen different manufacturers. The deaths that sparked the recalls occurred as a result of defective airbag inflators manufactured by Takata. Ten Americans have died so far.

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Congress passes transportation bill

Both houses of Congress – the House of Representatives and the Senate – have passed a massive five-year transportation bill that seeks to address issues concerning highway challenges, such as how to improve roads so that goods can be delivered faster, by legislating a definite amount of federal aid so that major road restoration projects cannot be compromised.

For instance, the bill provides $4.5 billion in a new grant program for nationally significant highway and freight projects and $6.3 billion for a national highway freight program that uses a formula to earmark funding for the different states.

The measure also disallows rental car agencies and car dealers with fleets of over 45 cars from renting recalled vehicles that have not yet been repaired by the vehicles’ manufacturers.

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Defective airbags prompt massive recall by Honda, Mazda & Nissan

Three major Japanese car manufacturers–Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Mazda Motor Corp., and Nissan Motor Corp.–have issued a recall to millions of their vehicles around the world due to concerns that the airbags are defective and prone to explosions, the Associated Press reported on June 23.

The defect airbags were designed by the Japanese firm Takata. Honda called back 2.03 million vehicles, which includes 1.02 million vehicles in North America and almost 669,000 automobiles in Japan. This recall is the second one relating to the same defective airbag problem; last  year, Honda recalled 1 million vehicles. Toyota reported a fire in relation to the airbags, but recent injury reports were unclear.

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