Kentucky two-vehicle collision kills one, injures two others

Deputies at the Graves County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky reported a two-vehicle collision that occurred at the intersection of Kentucky Route 339 North and Kentucky Route 121 North last Sunday, January 15. The accident, which occurred around 5:30 in the afternoon, resulted in the death of one individual and injured two others.

The deceased victim was identified as 52-year-old Mayfield, Wisconsin resident Kristie Wiggins. According to preliminary investigations, 60-year-old Mayfield resident Larry Wiggins was headed southbound on KY 121 North in a 2006 Buick when he collided with a 1991 Dodge pickup that was headed north on KY 339. The truck was driven by 50-year-old Patrick Wilson.

Kristie Wiggins, who was a passenger of the Buick, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident while Larry Wiggins was hospitalized for the treatment of his injuries. Wilson, on the other hand, was ejected from his vehicle and had to be taken to Vanderbilt Hospital for the treatment of his critical injuries.

Measure to have malpractice lawsuits evaluated by panels introduced

The Kentucky Senate Health and Welfare Committee approved Senate Bill 4 on Wednesday, January 4, which state Senator Ralph Alvarado sponsored. The bill seeks to have lawsuits against doctors or health care practitioners evaluated for merit by panels of medical providers before plaintiffs can file them under Kentucky courts.

After this hearing, Alvarado said, “I know of one Louisville law firm that has filed at least 100 nursing home lawsuits and settled most of them. To take that to court and fight it costs more than to just settle it. But now the legal climate in Kentucky has become so toxic that doctors practice defensive medicine just to protect themselves.”

Under SB 4, a four-member panel of the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services will review written evidence related to the complaint of malpractice. The panel is expected to issue a decision regarding the complaint’s merits within six months of its receipt of the claim.

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One dies in Pike County two-vehicle collision

A two-vehicle collision that happened Tuesday, November 29 on Kentucky Route 194 near Kimper Elementary School in Pike County, Kentucky resulted in the death of one individual.

According to an interview of the Kentucky State Police with East Kentucky Broadcasting, a pickup truck had a head-on collision with a gravel truck along that expanse of road. The two people, who were ejected from both vehicles, were first taken to Pikeville Medical Center in Pikeville and were transferred to UK Hospital in Lexington. The Fayette County Coroner identified the person who eventually died because of the accident as 24-year-old Jerry Leedy, the driver of the pickup truck. Leedy appeared not to be wearing his seat belt at the time of the accident, but alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the accident.

As state police continue to investigate the accident, the attorneys at Wilson & McQueen, PLLC want to send condolences to those hurt by this accident and similar occurrences across Kentucky.

Two hurt in Lexington three-vehicle collision

A three-vehicle collision that transpired on Versailles Road, just before the intersection of Man O’ War in Lexington, Kentucky on Friday, November 25, resulted in two people sustaining injuries of an unknown nature.

According to preliminary investigations made by the police, a chain reaction caused the pileup. Investigators said the victims were brought to area hospitals to receive immediate medical attention for their injuries of an unknown nature. Members of the Lexington Police Department are continuing further investigations to determine the definite details of the case, and to find out how the accident happened in the first place.

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Tips for managing your ATV on an uphill drive

Sometimes, safely navigating your all-terrain vehicle up steep slopes may be too much for your vehicle. No matter how experienced you are, some hills are too steep to climb.

A tip for someone going uphill in an ATV, especially if one is having difficulty doing so, is for the driver to keep his or her feet firmly on the vehicle’s foot rests and make sure their weight is going uphill at all times. This technique will help you avoid the possibility of the vehicle losing momentum and sliding down.

If you do start to move backwards, it is important for the driver to remember to apply the brakes and step on the parking brakes. However, the driver should remember to apply the front brakes only, because applying pressure on the back brakes can cause the vehicle to flip over.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphones no longer allowed on American flights

Passengers and flight crew members will not be allowed to bring their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on airline flights within, from, or to the United States under an emergency order announced on Friday, October 14. The Department of Transportation made the order in response to reports of said devices spontaneously combusting and catching fire.

The order, which took effect on October 15, disallows passengers from carrying their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on board or in checked bags. An initial announcement had passengers thinking they would be subjected to fines if they tried to smuggle their smartphones inside their carry-on luggage. However, the DoT clarified that these passengers will simply be barred from entering airplanes.

Samsung already issued a recall for 2.5 million units of said smartphones due to a battery manufacturing error. An incident of this battery issue includes the Jeep of a family in St. Petersburg, Florida catching fire because of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 left charging in the vehicle.

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Alabama jury awards $1.725M to slip and fall victim in Dollar General

An Alabama jury awarded $1.725 million to a plaintiff on Wednesday, September 21 after she filed a lawsuit against the Alabama branch of Dollar General. The plaintiff ruled the store’s inadequate inspection policies directly caused the customer to sustain her injuries.

The accident happened at Dollar General Store No. 7853 in Mobile on July 9, 2012 when customer Deborah Revette, who was 60 years old when the incident occurred, slipped on clear liquid laundry detergent on the floor in the chemical aisle, incurring serious leg and shoulder fractures. Her injuries led to eight surgeries, 359 doctor visits, and more than $470,000 in medical expenses. During the hearing, Dollar General revealed its practice of conducting visual inspections for a mere 10 minutes of the day to ensure the whole store is safe.

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Jim Carrey sued by ex-girlfriend’s estranged husband

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against 54-year-old actor and comedian Jim Carrey in Los Angeles Superior Court last Monday, September 19 by Mark Burton of Portland, Oregon. Burton is the estranged husband of 31-year-old makeup artist Cathriona White, Carrey’s former girlfriend. The lawsuit alleges that Carrey provided the prescription drugs White used to overdose, which led to her death in September 2015.

Carrey called the lawsuit a “heartless attempt to exploit him.” He added “I will not tolerate this heartless attempt to exploit me or the woman I loved. I really hope that someday soon people will stop trying to profit from this and let her rest in peace.”

Carrey said he vows to fight the lawsuit made by White’s estranged husband, noting “It would be easy for me to get in a back room with this man’s lawyer and make this go away, but there are some moments in life when you have to stand up and defend your honor against the evil in this world.”

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GM settles two bellwether cases

Detroit-based automaker General Motors Co. announced on Tuesday, September 6 that it reached settlements in two lawsuits lodged against them. The plaintiffs in this case allege that they sustained serious injuries in accidents that resulted from the company’s defective ignition switches.

The settlements would cut short the trials scheduled for the automaker, which issued a public apology for a faulty automotive part held responsible for 124 fatalities and other injuries in the United States. GM also issued a recall for 2.6 million of its vehicles to remedy the issue, and it created an automatic compensation program for accident victims and their families.

One of the settled cases was that of of Virginia resident Stephanie Cockram, who said she has spent more than $100,000 in medical expenses and that she missed several days of work due to a 2011 Chevrolet Cobalt accident that gave her traumatic brain injury and a fractured vertebra.

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Judge denies Corning and Philips motion to dismiss case

United States District Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove denied a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by glass and ceramics manufacturer Corning Inc. and Philips Electronics on Wednesday, August 17. The two companies sought to disarm a class action suit, which claimed that illnesses and property damage were caused by the release of hazardous materials at a glass manufacturing facility in Danville, Kentucky. Corning owned the facility from 1952 to 1983 and Philips owned it from 1983 to 2013.

Corning and Philips said the property owners’ claims should be dismissed because they did not submit affidavits that contained certain information about their personal injury and property damage claims. The failure to release information, they say, is a violation of the so-called Lone Pine case management order.

Meanwhile, Van Tatenhove said the property owners had complied with the Lone Pine order, noting in his judgment: “While the provided information could, at times, be more specific, at this stage of the litigation, plaintiffs are required only to present some evidence in support of their claims.”

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