Congress passes transportation bill

Both houses of Congress – the House of Representatives and the Senate – have passed a massive five-year transportation bill that seeks to address issues concerning highway challenges, such as how to improve roads so that goods can be delivered faster, by legislating a definite amount of federal aid so that major road restoration projects cannot be compromised.

For instance, the bill provides $4.5 billion in a new grant program for nationally significant highway and freight projects and $6.3 billion for a national highway freight program that uses a formula to earmark funding for the different states.

The measure also disallows rental car agencies and car dealers with fleets of over 45 cars from renting recalled vehicles that have not yet been repaired by the vehicles’ manufacturers.

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Car accident victim’s daughter says highway 987 unsafe

Sixty-five-year-old Thelma Daniels sustained minor injuries on August 18 when the vehicle she drove slid on an embankment on Highway 987 in Harlan County, Kentucky, a roadway which Daniels’ daughter Jincy Steines said is not safe for motorists, WYMT reported on August 19.

Steines said the roadway is responsible for other car accidents that affected her family, resulting in two previous injuries incurred by her brothers and the death of her cousin. In the most recent accident, Daniels was driving to Evarts from Smith for a family meal when her car spun out of control not far from Martin Fork’s Lake.

Steines claimed the road in that area is slick and unsafe for drivers. Authorities claim the area is regularly surveyed for repairs, but sometimes big changes require more time.

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